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Quality Atlas Model Trains


One of the truest miniature representations of America’s finest freight cars and locomotives is the Atlas HO model trains. Due to the attention of detail that Atlas brings to these trains, from ladders, roof walks, and paint, they have created the illusion that you are holding the real thing in your hand. Obviously, HO trains by Atlas designs their models with the look and feeling of the original without compromising on the quality of their product.


Attention to detail is uppermost in their art, and small detail parts are oft times included for the purchaser to add, while others are molded right to the car or engine. They are famous for their reliability, throttle response and smooth operation at slow speeds. As an artist, I agree that nothing beats realism. One can easily be spoiled starting out a new hobby with this quality of railroad modeling.


Highly detailed Atlas model tank car
Weathered Atlas RR Tank Car


Atlas has been making these beautifully designed cars and engines for 50 years and if you are just starting your hobby, Atlas has model railroading track that will allow you to build any model train layout you can think of. Made of injection-molded plastic and nickel silver rails, their world famous Snap-track, patented Super-Flex track and Custom-Line turnouts, are all you will need.


These model trains also have their Righttrack freeware package which allows the layout of your dreams. This Windows only software lets you design a layout up to 100’ x 100’ to accommodate anyone’s HO or N scale needs.


Selecting the right train model can be a difficult task for the new hobbyist. There are so many trains out there each in a different size. So I ought to discuss a couple of important things to know before buying your first model train. I know firsthand how that first trip to the train store can feel like. Maybe I can help give you a better understanding of what to look for.


Look to see if it is DCC enabled. This is a big deal. You want to have your train DCC enabled if possible, so you can run other trains at the same time with ease. Should you decide to only have one train, that’s okay – but you never know for sure. Your model train store may only have a very small fraction of the model trains and accessories that are available. Don’t feel like you have to buy what they have. The Internet is full of model train stores.


Finally, look for a model train store in your area and go talk to them. You can learn quickly by talking with someone in person who cares about the hobby. While hobby stores are okay – one dedicated to model railroading is far superior in every respect. Next best to that is taking a rail trip yourself.


We traveled around the USA starting in Philly, and travelling North through Wisconsin, So and No Dakota, Montana, Oregon, Washington, California, and visited Laguna Beach for two weeks. Then home again via the southern route ending in Dallas where we visited relatives before finishing our trip back to Philadelphia. Wonderful trip, unforgettable scenery and food, and we desperately want to repeat it but going through Canada this time.


All Aboard…….



Esther Smith, author