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Model Railway Trains: the Track Plan


Welcome to a beginners page regarding a track plan and wiring of the track to give you many hours of enjoyment running a model railroad. Assuming you are starting with a basic train set, as most people do when they get into the hobby of model railway trains, we always suggest searching first for a reputable hobby shop.


Sample Track Plan


The reason for our suggestion is that discount department stores and toy stores in general are of rather low quality. A hobby shop owner proves to be the higher quality market perhaps because he, himself is a model train hobbyist. Start with individual pieces so you can make up your own plan, but like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. You don’t want to learn this new hobby while being aggravated over inferior purchases.


I would begin with the idea that all train sets run a lot smoother if the track is secured down to a piece of plywood or some other workable surface. It simply keeps the track from coming apart as the train travels over it. Since most train sets merely come with enough track for a circle or small oval, we are sure this is not what you had in mind for your layout.


Simple ovals or circles can become pretty boring in a short period of time so deciding on a bit larger track plan that will allow more enjoyment will not be that much more expensive. With the proper scenery to give a realistic look to the area, your train will be running in no time at all. This will allow you to use facets of the hobby that most find to be just as exciting as watching the train run. We will construct buildings, plant trees and lay roads.


You will learn a few track plans, and how to add an addition to the basic expanded track plan. It seems like all hobbyists want more area to operate trains in, so this will give you an idea of what can be done. However, we are not suggesting that these are the track plans you must use. They are simply examples.


There are many good books on the market, showing hundreds of track plans from as small as 2x4 foot to layouts that will fill a two-car garage. All plans will give you ideas of what is possible. Also many books are available on wiring model railroads and purchasing one of these would be smart because our articles cannot cover everything.


We hope you find our ‘Beginners Section’ to be of use as you enter the great hobby of Model Railroading. Ronald Smith, our eBook author is putting it all together for you and by the time you read this article it will have been published. We plan to offer ten free lessons that all of our readers are welcomed to take part in – at no cost to you. Find it all on our website.


All aboard…….


Esther Smith, author

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